Monday, 11 November 2013

We WILL Remember

This site is a memorial site and always has been.
Those who made are moving on to better help elsewhere.

We hope all those who have worked and still work so hard to save life
and heal it will be remembered for all eternity.
We hope that those who heal increase in number.
We hope that the number of people at risk and suffering from 
mental illness decreases in number.

We hope more people learn to help others 
instead of hinder and damage others.
We hope more people learn the art of controlling their worst emotions.
We hope more people learn to embrace the best of life 
instead of being consumed by the worst of it.
We hope more people learn to fulfil their full potential 
instead of having it crushed.

We hope all will be rich in good health which we believe is the 
only form of riches worth craving and pursuing.
We hope no one will ever be too selfish nor too selfless again.
We hope compassion and empathy engulfs our species and 
dominates its conduct over the next 2,000 years and beyond
We hope our species learns that there are ways to share all that is
good and not be so greedy as to destroy it.
We hope all people learn how to express anger safely without
endangering others in the process.
We hope all people learn to channel their frustrations into
positive, constructive pursuits for the betterment of all.

We hope all who read this enjoy their lives and are permitted by everyone to do so 
without causing harm to themselves or others.
We hope the world will be full of gladness, joys, laughter and hope but 
that it will never forget to aid those suffering trauma from any cause.
We hope that one day the only cause of mental trauma will be caused 
by acts of nature, not of mankind.

To all who read, we at Mindwalking all wish you a very happy, 
productive, caring, sharing, loving life.

Be good to yourself.


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