Friday, 4 October 2013

Somme Carers

Now, there is a story about the rape of the Sabine... just another group of women and women are well used to being raped, as are their children, their brothers, husbands, parents and grandparents to name but a few.  We further rape women when we then expect them to merely cook, clean, teach and heal.

“Pain is pain. It is NOT a competition.”

What we are going to talk about here are those other forms of rape besides the physical kind we hear so much of. Such things we feel frankly should be discussed with SAFE clinical psychologists and mental health teams away from the media. Sadly if it wasn’t for such stories being forced into our homes now (while we try to eat our evening meals), NOTHING would be done and things would be a LOT worse. We’ll leave that one there for now as this is neither pleasant to write or read... we hope.

The word rape means that people are forced and/or coerced into doing something they really don’t want to do because it hurts them. It is an infringement of their basic human right to live and work without any hassle and be fairly treated as they do so.

So now, when we think of rape it becomes clear that when we don’t pay a person for their work that counts as financial abuse which is a form of rape.

Similarly when we don’t acknowledge a person for their bright ideas or for being brave enough to point out to those above them in rank and authority in the workplace and then subject them to intolerable levels of negation so that they leave, that too counts as rape. Only this time it is the hat trick. Add in physical abuse of ANY kind and you have the full package. In effect we become so jealous of each other’s intelligence that we’d rather destroy them than learn from them to overtake them or acknowledge them or show gratitude at all.

We in effect rape each other all the time. We steal other people’s ideas and then pretend they were OUR ideas... intellectual rape. When we steal those ideas to heal people it’s called emotional rape and when we fail to pay people or compensate them for being treated badly by others, again we commit financial rape.

“It is easy to hurt people, what is hard is to try not to.”

This blogsite will be left unattended soon. No one will post a new blog on it ever again. Why? All of us have been so overloaded by the sheer demand of help required in our OWN lives that we haven’t the time to help others beyond that.

Too many of you now turn to us privately as if we are the Messiah or God or a magic wand that can fix everything for everyone. No one can except with your own efforts to heal yourselves. If you do not know when you really need help no one can help you. If you cannot ask for help, no one can help you. If you cannot wait for help to arrive... NO ONE CAN help you.

With the world as it is today, demand is and will continue to exceed supply to such an extent that there can be no help left even for the most urgent cases of all. They are not screaming because they are so close to death that they cannot do so. Medical professionals, Armed Services, Charities, and ALL emergency services know the difference yet when any of them try to attend they are just as likely to be subjected to abuse, violence and obstructions from onlookers snapping pictures as someone dies before their very eyes. THAT is why they die.

People aren’t even helping in their own communities anymore, nor dipping in their pockets to provide the money to buy essential life giving resources nor life saving equipment and medical supplies.

In short if YOU do not want 2014 to turn into World War III to finally finish off this beautiful planet of ours then YOU have to start to get much more proactive than this to help achieve it.

  • First by looking after yourselves better
  • Second my knowing how long you can wait for help if you need it,
  • Thirdly by being fairer to others at work
  • Fourth by helping more in the community, from buying goods from charities and local shops to volunteer and most of all not just walking away when you see any stranger in need at all
  • Finally, and most importantly by letting the professionals who are trained to help you in an emergency get to that casualty without any further trouble.

YOU who are all so ill, by virtue of your conduct are not currently well enough to be let near anyone else on the face of the planet TO help if you cannot even do the above five things anymore.

If you take just psychosis for example... Professionals know that if you acknowledge in any way WHATSOEVER the reasoning of someone who’s reasoning is faulty, you make their condition WORSE. So, by saying there are no such things as ghosts, gods, aliens and fairies you perpetuated and deepen their traumatic episode, set them up to be stigmatised for life and make it IMPOSSIBLE for PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE WORKERS to be able to help anyone at all. INCLUDING those that do such things, including bereaved children from war zones. Yet the internet is awash with well meaning helpful people is it not. Including false counselling sites and magazines and pills that DO NOT WORK and NEVER COULD. It’s a shame science and technology do so little to sort that out is it not? Just when was the last time they were psychiatrically assessed by a world class clinical psychologist WE wonder, you know the ones... the ones that help the Head of the Commonwealth, oh now what IS her name, oh you know the one I mean. The one that dishes out awards and medals a lot that celebrated being on her throne for 60 years only last year. Now what was her name?


“Which currency would you like to pay for ANY health care support in, Sirs. Blood, death, insanity, war or CASH?”

“Cash Sirs, that would do nicely. Now would you like to pay a little extra to have ‘benefits’ with that Sirs?”

“Oh well thank you, that’s most generous of you Sirs. Would you be interested in buying some superb education for all too perhaps? Or perhaps you’d like to save that for food and accommodation. We can see you’re looking tired.”

That human being that the professionally trained are trying to reach, could not only be you next, it could be the most vital person to you in the world whoever that may be.  And... when they are late in arriving so you have to wait longer, it could just be they are late because they just saved a newborn babies life, maybe even the latest edition to your own family too.

“Lest we forget” – we forget all the time because we cannot live merely by having the worst of our pasts raked over. At some point we need a break, but when that leads to no one remembering at all, then something drastic has to be done.

If you don’t care anymore, just let the professional rescuers (including politicians) know and they won’t bother to show up for you. They would rather turn up for those that do anyway.

Please... help us to help YOU. Yes ask them for your support, but hold on for as long as you can on your own, your own parents or children might be in the way taking pictures or throwing rocks or... firing bullets.

“After all the pain, there is only love.”
Mother Teresa

SPECIAL ANNOUCEMENT: Mindwalking has decided to close in January 2014 as so few people in the UK have ever bothered to read it. It is time all its contributors moved on to work to help others in better and more effective ways, not least in helping others who do get heard reach even more people. Three of our number are terminally ill anyway and always were. Now another two have joined their ranks. The first is a clinical psychologist, the second a victim of rape, another’s death sentence hangs in the balance. We have always been in the thicket of battles of all at the frontline in our own version of the Somme. This site is our memorial. 

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