Saturday, 9 October 2010

Creative Hats (3)

Briefly, this is how I set about my last blog using the Creative Mind Map.

First I drew a hat as the hub, then added the main headings for creative expression (writing, painting, photography, music, dance etc). The doodled images around them reminded me about the links between them so I drew the lines of connection.

Next, I started thinking about the qualities and techniques that are used in creative disciplines; tricks of the trade like contrast and balance so scribbled those words down - some with doodles and some without. I started thinking about other tricks of other trades utilised more readily when using other hats (modes of thinking - see Mad Hatting blog), and drew mathematical symbols to represent those as they are valid for creativity too. We add, multiply or duplicate, divide and subtract when we are creative too. Sometimes things end up being equal, sometimes they do not.

That in turn got me thinking about an equation that doesn't balance; hence the apples, oranges and bananas scenario. If you look there are 5 oranges, 2 apples and 7 bananas dotted about on this Mind Map. Near the word 'Dance' there is the shape of a horse's head which represents a flamenco dancing horse which I actually saw on stage. The mask the performer wore was superb.

Not all the pictorial references were mentioned because I chose to be selective (e.g. the jigsaw pieces) and I figured some of you would like to imagine for yourselves what they might refer to. Far be it for me to spoil your fun!

Now I hope I've got you going, I would love to see some of your creations, so feel free to post what you can in the comments box or email from this blogsite. The copyright will remain yours if you do send something but remember to only send items you are happy for me to have permission to use either on a website or for a future creative blogsite. Please also remember, I reserve the right to delete any offensive or inappropriate items including comments from this site.

Next time... I'll write about a couple of films I adore about mental health and explain why. The first is 'A Beautiful Mind'.


  1. Right I'm going to set out on a mind map - never done one before. That might take the form of a journey in the Aboriginal "dreaming" sense. I can feel a big canvas coming on. Lucky I've got one in the spare room ....!! It might be a while before I can share it, or I may decide not to - not sure right now.

    I'll look forward to reading about "A Beautiful Mind" as it's a favourite of mine too.

  2. Remember you can use colour and different types of pen, crayons, paints and pencil when drawing your Mind Map. They can become artworks in themselves.


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