Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Couple of Poems

Following on from my last posting I picked out this ditty from my jottings which I think perfectly encapsulates how, as we evolve, we remember and look on things differently.


The little quirks once so attractive
have become your worst qualities;
Their repetition nauseates.
Was it you or I to change?
Was it then, or is it now, that I am so perceptive?

The moral of this tale is to always value the good things for the time they relate to. Many a bitter rift develops because people forget that. Far better to acknowledge that relationships always move on and sometimes people grow apart because have journeyed in different directions in their individual development.

Why rubbish the fact that at the start there was a connection that was mutual and that it fulfilled a need of that time. Sure it's sad when it doesn't work out long term, but it still served a purpose and answered a need. That is something that I think should always be valued and regarded as precious and irreplaceable.

My second choice from my archives came to me in one of those rare blissful moments of just absorbing nature's beauty. To date it is my personal favourite as I've never before or since quite managed to pen the sense of spirituality that contemplative mood led me too.

Light Sound

I see a light like a spring morn dawning;
Soothing sounds, I hear songs calling –
Compelling, rising throngs warming.

I see a light like a summer’s soft dew;
Silent sounds, I hear still seas –
Sizzling radiance, sharp hue breeze.

I see a light like an autumnal colour;
Stormed sounds, I hear burst thunder –
Spouting, sweeping cloud pallor under.

I see a light like a winter’s spun frost;
Ice sounds, I hear slowing pace –
Muffled sheets of blanket tossed lace.

I see a light and hear sounding –
My heart shifts to soul pounding.

Please note a few additions to this site. The list of links to sources of help is growing as is the film and book list with some fun choices which have been stalwarts of mine in my down days. Then there's Stats Facts, all of which came from training session with MIND I went on yesterday, and finally my personal favourites among the great and good illustrious crazies who, despite their own battles with illness managed success in their own professions. There more nutty celebs out there though if you don't happen to like my favs.

Next time...
I'll either toy with Maslow or (which is more likely), I feel like a bit of fun. I was told once that everything in nature has an equal and opposite, hence I feel a need for some silliness after all the serious stuff now.

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