Sunday, 2 November 2014

Memento quoniam omnes in aeternum

This year every human on the globe is thinking... and most, we hope, are thinking about WWI, why it happened, what we could have and should have done differently to prevent it. There is always a danger in doing this though because in remembering our lost ones we rekindle the pain of that loss. That pain is so unbearable we can end up hurting and harming the living to start... another war.

This year every human on the globe is remembering... and most, we hope, are remembering their loves ones, not at their worst but at their best. We hope they are remembering all that they ever did that was right instead of all that they ever did that was wrong.

This year every human on the globe is feeling... and most, we hope are hoping that people will not force questions on the bereaved that are unwelcome and that disturb their happy memories.

This year every human being on the globe is hoping... and most we hope are feeling not just the love of family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues but the love due to any human being suffering from any and all sources of pain to our species.

This year every human being on the globe is working hard... and most, we hope, are trying harder than ever to never forget a single soul that is or could be in need of support, of help in their dark hours. From the dying to those trying so hard to live we must remember that at some point in times to come it will very likely be us too.

To the lonely and isolated now, to the traumatised, bereaved and homeless, to the starving, injured, disabled, impaired, distorted, troubled, angered... WE LOVE YOU so please hold on while we try to reach you. Please let us try to help you in the oftentimes cack-handed, crass way that even so we know works for so many.

Why couldn't support work for YOU too? 

Why shouldn't it be YOU next that feels joy instead of pain;
that experiences good luck instead of misfortune and love instead of hate?

Together, let's help heal each other instead of causing harm by making the wrong assumptions as to what people need most at any given point. A person who is starving is not interested much in a roof or warm clothing, they need food first. A person with a crumb of food but no home needs the roof first and all, all need signposting to the millions of agencies and health care professionals who are there to help.

Dear readers wherever you are in the world and in your mind, pause. Think. Remember and make this a vow that year by year we will practise to perfect always providing some means of support so that no one need ever suffer alone or in silence again. By thinking it might be possible we make a significant step toward it becoming a reality.

THIS Remembrance Day 2014, let's start the clock ticking on how many lives we can save, how many ways we can prevent suffering and how many wars we can prevent,

In remembrance of all those already lost to us AND for those in turmoil today; for those about to face disasters and catastrophes in the future,  let's get busy teaching people how to live in peace and harmony.

Go well, stay safe; let's BE the team that we all dream of being to create the heaven on Earth that we've all heard so much of. 

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