Friday, 7 September 2012

A flicker of hope

Firstly, if you believe in free speech and value you it, please follow and sign this. A girl with mental health problems may well end up dead if you don't. You don't even have to use your usual email address, create a new one. Nor do you have to enter your postcode or telephone number. If you don't want to lose your right to freedom of speech, please sign. If you want persecution and discrimination to stop please sign. Otherwise risk losing them all by being apathetic.

Secondly I am posting a link to the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics currently being held here in the UK. Sadly there isn't an equivalent for people suffering from mental health difficulties or for the Arts which has always been an alternative source of support to help rebuild people's lives. Be warned though this will eat up your internet connection allowance if you are using a mobile dongle as I am. Sadly a lot of TV channels are not showing the Paralympics across the globe. Shame on them as the Paralympians are shining examples to us all of how to overcome some of the worst of circumstances from injuries to illnesses to tyranny. They have made able bodied people who all too easily take their health and good fortune for granted, look pathetic by comparison. Added to which most paralympians are not bitter, but compassionate and understanding toward others.

Perhaps one day everyone will have access to the support services they need so that they too can shine in their own right for what they are good at and have potential to do. Perhaps one day more people will find the courage to join me and speak out for what is ethically right to make that happen. Perhaps one day, every single person who is currently facing adversity in any form will feel safe enough to do so. I hope I live to see that day arrive.

On a more personal note, I too have enjoyed a flicker of hope as I think I have found an employer who will treat me decently and fairly and enable me to help others to reach their goals. Yet to be confirmed, but it goes to show that hanging in there result in better things, happier times and that those opportunities can arrive at any moment - usually when we least expect them. If we give up, as I myself was so tempted to do only a month ago, then such things can never be possible. And if I am wrong and that hope of mine is taken away as so many have been before, no matter - I will simply continue my quest to find a hope that does come to fruition.

This particular post is likely to be deleted as it's more of an update than an article, but I will perhaps leave it up here for a few weeks or perhaps until the end of this year, or perhaps edit later.

Things remain extremely tough for everyone due to the global economic crisis, but please keep going as many before us have overcome adversity and without us fighting that fight too we can never hope eradicate all that is wrong in the world. I remain exhausted, but a bit more hopeful if anxious for all our futures.

My next article is likely to be about the pros and cons of competition. Seems appropriate on all sorts of levels just now. Resting up first though. Thank you for reading and for private messages of support at this unexpected difficult time for me. I am determined to remain a positive person at heart and to do what little I can to help others join me in that too. 

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