Monday, 22 November 2010

A Game of Questions

I have to thank a former boss for this challenging game for two people.

Two people take it in turns to ask questions. They are only to speak in questions and must continue the conversation in questions. If a player makes a statement they loose. If a player mutters to themselves trying to find a question they loose. If a player hesitates too long they loose.

An example of how this game can help
My boss was such an expert at this that she managed to keep batting back questions from half a dozen people at the same time. It sounds easy... but it's not. She gave me this exercise to help me stop forever saying "ok, I'll do it." as I was taking on too much.

By rehearsing asking questions it helped me to help empower other members of staff to think of solutions for themselves by asking them to think up new possibilities. It helped me think about alternative ways of doing things too.

Staff soon discovered that they could resolve many more things than they initially believed possible. Much better for them as it helped them grow and develop and for me as it enabled me to focus on my priorities better too.

So it might run like this...

Do you want to play questions?

Do you think it's a good time?

Is there a better time?

What questions would make for a good game?

Are there better questions to ask?

Which do you think would be better?

Do you think there should be a scoring system for them?

How would you like to structure it?

Who do you think will win?

When do think we'll know?

etc... etc... etc...

You might find it easier to start with a subject like, you're work or hobbies and interests.

What are your favourite hobbies?

Why do you want to know?

Don't you want to talk about it?

Why do you think that?

Did I say I thought that?


I love this game as it helps steer me away from making assumptions when I don't have any facts. It challenges us to utilise our logical head/hat.

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